November 6, 2008


Logo created for Florida based computer services company ZeroHour Solutions. It started as a project through friend working there, and turned into a great working relationship and projects for many of their clients.

ZeroHour president Steve Hernek just got married in Key West this past weekend. He asked if I could come up with a piece they could hand out to guests at the wedding. He and his fiance gave me reference material that centered mainly on tattoo designs. Below is the final design for the front of the piece. The center graphic includes a design using the letters of Steve and Amanda’s names. The names of their parents and the wedding party surround the main image.


This was a fun project to create and the bride and groom were open to some pretty out-there ideas during the process.



Charlie Schoenherr hosted a fundraiser at St. Louis’ Van Goghz Martini Bar in October to benefit the American Diabetes Association and the local PAWS chapter (Pets Are Wonderful Support). This was the front of the invite postcard. Charlie raised over two thousand dollars with the event, thanks the generosity of friends, the owners of Van Goghz and area business owners who donated merchandise and gift cards to raffle.

Charlie put on the event as part of his work as Mr. Midwest Leather 08, so that and the martini focus of the evening was behind the design.

Shiny objects

March 11, 2008


Cover of a book created at josebatalla for the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida. The book was commisioned by the museum director in partnership with the design director of Tiffany. Partly a “coffee table” art book, partly a historical document for research, it tells the story of Henry Flagler, his connection with Florida and his involvement with the Chicago Columbian Exposition and the Tiffany company.

Working on this project gave me whole new insights into the complexities of the Chicago World Fair, as well as the amazing designs created by the Tiffany artists.

Creative director Jose Batalla. Design by myself and Jose.


Package design and marketing for local company selling a natural herbal supplement to enhance the libido. While most products of this sort are usually aimed at men, Heratos is marketed specifically to women. Originally named Libida, we had to come up with a new name when we found a website already using that particular word. The logo image was originally drawn up by client. Below, a few of the POS pieces done for the campaign. Product is sold on radio spots as well as web.

The obvious challenge with such a product is presenting it in a tasteful, yet understandable way. And not using any copyrighted product names. Fortunately everyone seems to know what those ‘little blue pills’ are.

One of the first projects I did for Jose Batalla was the design of the agency corporate identity. They say – and rightly so – that designing your own logo is one of the most difficult challenges for a designer. So when I offered to do his, he said go for it. After looking at a project he was doing for a landscaping company, I was inspired by Jose’s style and design sense. That translated into this logo.


Jose went for it immediately, and worked with me on the final version. Or, I should say, versions.
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Rabbits and more

August 13, 2007


Label for Punchline Rabbit Punch. Design & concept Jose Batala and myself. I did the illustrations for the “how to mix” part of the label as well as the copy blurb for each flavor. (Note: due to budget and timing, we had to go with stock for the product photos on the labels.) The final copy for Rabbit was half of what was originally written – we ran into space issues and for some reason it was deemed more important to have the UPC and ingredients than my sparkling verbage. Writing the copy for the different flavors was actually a lot of fun, and the client was up for just about anything. Always a plus in creative work.

Our concept for the packaging: stand out from the competition with novel package shape and a clean and a fresh look that pushes the freshness of the ingredients as well as the fun nature of the brand.

Trivia note: turns out the Margaritta was actually named after a real woman named Margaritta. Go figure.



Event banner for local brewery, part of a freelance gig last fall at The Spark Agency. I was brought in to art direct and design a corporate sales meeting exhibit with five main sections. I handled part of the project in conjunction with the Sparkies. Creative directors Don Finke and John Fowler. The banner above was for a preliminary meeting in St. Louis. It needed to reflect the overall event without being specific to a particular brand. The company logo graphic was provided by the brewery client.

Below, a layout for part of the exhibit. The display area for Mobility, a vendor of the brewery offering new means for keeping track of inventory and shipping for distributors, thereby increasing profits. These banners were the backdrops for the booth area against the usual black draperies. The vivid color of the banners helped to highlight this section of the exhibit hall from the other corporate divisions. Screened back copy listed the various selling points of using the Mobility system.